Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cookies With Little Man!

Last week while in Lima, I made some beautiful chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the host fam while I had access to a nice oven and real measuring tools in the big city. They didn't believe me when I said I made them myself, so I got stubborn and took Piere to the market to buy ingredients and do it again. Trouble is, I don't have measuring spoons/ cups here and our cookies were not so beautiful. But we had fun in the process :)

Step 1- Guess on the ingredients. This will involve improvising, eyeballing, and wishing you could call Elaine Nigon. 

Step 2- Let Piere take awful pictures of you. It's only fair for the amount I take of him. 

Step 3- Make your own chocolate chips! Adults handle the knife, children wash their hands and break apart the Triangulo bar. 

Step 4- Form dough balls. Try not to eat dough. Remind yourself not to traumatize Piere the way Bridget traumatized me as a child by telling me that the dough you eat explodes inside your tummy. Hahaha. 

Step 5- Wait.

Step 6- Keep waiting. 

Step 7- Entertain yourselves while you wait. 

Step 8- Keep entertaining.

Step 9- Remove cookies from oven and enjoy! Then answer to everyone why they look like pancakes and promise to try again next weekend... 

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