Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Lima!

I'm still trying to get caught up on the blog and I owe you some posts. I couldn't skip over Thanksgiving, though, so until I have time to sit down and write some updates I wanted to share some holiday cheer.

By a stroke of enormous luck, I was in Lima this past week for a project. This meant that I ended up getting invited to an awesome dinner hosted by one of the wonderful staff members in the Peace Corps office AND I was in Lima while Lady Gaga paid Peru a visit.

So while I was missing all of you, I was still able to enjoy the holiday and make the most of a great week in Lima. Back to work tomorrow, but while I still have fast internet, I thought I'd share some photos of the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful for all of you! Hope your holiday was great!

Thanks for the turkey hat Mom! 
Oh, and I made Bridget's classic strawberry cream cracker pie... 
but we didn't have a big enough pie pan. Pie in a frying pan. So Peace Corps. 

With Katy at an excellent dinner hosted by a Peace Corps staff member. 

Our lovely host. 

Lady Gaga concert in Lima on Black Friday. 
Nice monster paws, Matt. 

After the show. Such a good time. 

Who would have thought I'd see Gaga while in the Peace Corps? 
SO thankful :) 

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