Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Than a Meat Dress

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, this is awesome. Please take a moment to watch this. The article is in Spanish but the video is in English.
Recently, one of my Peruvian friends was asking me about Thanksgiving. They don't celebrate it here, so questions about that holiday are fairly common. She asked if it is part of American tradition to do volunteer work on Thanksgiving or something like what Lady Gaga did while she was here for Thanksgiving weekend. What a great example she is setting. That's representation that should make us all happy, regardless of opinions on her artistic expressions or public persona. 
Also, this video makes me think that my job is so awesome, even Lady Gaga wants to do it for a day :) I have so many experiences much like the one shared in the video, and on any given day I do pretty much what she did there, minus that little mini-concert she gave them. 
Maybe I'm biased, but I love this. In addition to her visit to Ventanillas (shown in the video), she also visited a center for victims of sexual abuse on Thanksgiving day. The following night at her concert she said that this was her favorite Thanksgiving yet because it was the first time she felt truly thankful. It sounds cheesy, but I agree with her on that one 100%. A shared experience for Gaga and me. Never have I been more thankful of what I have in life until I moved to Peru. 
So thank you Peru for humbling me every day and thank you Gaga for being wonderful. 

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