Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busting into the Stash

As previously mentioned, I can't ration treats. However, I did manage to save an 'emergency' snack for 7 weeks! 

Despite my meticulous adherence to the packing list, I somehow managed to forget peanut butter. Why oh why would this be the item I forgot? A shame. Recognizing my drastic mistake at the airport in DC the morning of our departure, I decided to resort to desperate measures. That morning, I  had purchased a Starbucks snack pack (Protein, the best variety in case you were wondering;) for the flights. This little delight contained a one-serving pouch of peanut butter. Instead of spreading the creamy goodness that is Justin's peanut butter on my bagel and apples, I decided to save it for a rainy day. A last resort ration of the good stuff, if you will. 

My coveted 80 calorie treat lasted approximately 7 weeks in the less-used bottom drawer of my nightstand. It was a long afternoon on a desolate Tuesday last week. A note on week 7, it's the week after field based training and the week before we learn our sites. It's an anxiety and exhaustion filled week. I needed a treat. While searching for cookies tucked away in the back of my drawer, I spotted in. My pretty little envelope of untapped peanut cream. What a great idea. I found the cookies and grabbed the pb. It was time. 

My small secret stash of emergency treats is gone, but my heart is happy once again and it was worth it. 

Editors Note: Since this was written, I've received a GIANT bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms. My heart is very happy. 

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