Saturday, August 6, 2011

"...when it comes I wanna wail, MMMAAAAAIIIIIIIILLL!!!!!"

Mail spoiled. That's what I am this week. And. I. love. it. 

Package from Joe! Aug. 1, 2011

Monday: The door men at the training center surprised me with a much anticipated package from Joe. They received it the previous Wednesday when our training was in a different place, then we didn't have training Thursday and Friday, so my little mail pouch was hanging out in their desk for nearly a week. I had never been happier with Pedro and Javier than when they busted out that missing mail. What was it, you ask? 

Awesome. It was awesome:

Entourage Season 7
Power Bars (Smores and Caramel Peanut Fusion)
Luna Bar (Chocolate Peppermint Stick)
Builder's Bar (Chocolate Mint)
3 packs of gum (sugar free, even though I don't even buy sugar free gum)
Burt's Bee's Chapstick! I really needed some, and he didn't even know that (: 

I was so pumped. Season 7 of Entourage was so perfect. The nights leading up to site assignment day were easy for me to get through without any anxiety, as I was lost in TV land. The protein bars were great as well. Someone is worried about my protein consumption here. Someone is also worried about my cavity-prone teeth here, hence the sugar free gum. Someone cares about me more than I care about myself sometimes. Perfect package. 

...but let's not forget the mustaches... this little gem has quickly become a hot ticket item. I wish I would have worn one to site assignment day, then I would have matched the business men with their neatly trimmed 'staches. For more on the mustaches, see photos in previous post ;)

Card from Sara! Aug. 2, 2011
Tuesday: Sara sent me a Baby Shower card. I love it. Last month, she sent me a Thank You card. I like this little theme we have going on here. It's so great to have friends who send me mail. I feel so loved. It was a very nice little surprise at lunch that day. I also got a family photo of the Stremikis/ Neuman bunch with a really great pose from Ryland the cat. I showed it off. He was a hit. 

Package from the Ciolkosz Fam! Aug. 5, 2011
Friday: What better way to cap off the week than with a 50 ounce bag of peanut butter M&Ms? I can't think of any. Perfection. 

I had been tipped off to a forthcoming package, and had been waiting patiently. As the week was closing, I had a hard time waiting anymore. Anytime the Peace Corps van moved an inch I was on the prowl, checking to see if any mail had come. On my way to make one last desperate trip to the mail table, someone shouted, "Britt, you have mail!" Yesss! I tried to hide the skip in my step as I ran to the office. There it was: a large package waiting for me to rip it open. It didn't take long. As I stared down into it, I saw them. 50 delicious ounces of beautiful peanut butter M&M's. Oh. my. goodness. I can't explain how perfect it was, but I will try. Here are a few reasons why-

A.) I really wanted one of those giant bags of peanut butter M&M's, but I didn't want to ask for it because it's so expensive to send them. I got exactly what I wanted without even asking! That is rare in this world so I am really really excited.
B.) I have a friend here named Amanda Slack. We eat every chance we get. We have gotten to know our community by constantly going to bodegas for snacks. All the bodega owners know our names and the snacks we want. We snack so much that I've started calling her Amanda Snack instead of Amanda Slack. Anyway, she got a package from home on Tuesday that had one of those XXL 50 oz. bags of Pretzel M&Ms. I was so jealous. I really wanted one, only in peanut butter form, as I had been craving (see item A). 
C.) Thursday I woke up with a huge peanut butter craving that was not satisfied. Unsatisfied cravings of the peanut butter variety are like cavities: they don't go away, they grow. 

But then <dun dun dun> a giant bag of peanut butter M&Ms landed in my lap. Perfect! I love it. I had people offering to pay me if I shared. For the record, I shared. Fo' free. I love giving them to locals who haven't had a lot of peanut butter. They are a huge hit. Arturo is eating some as I write. He always competes with food to see who can finish theirs first. We both started with 3. He ate them one at a time, staring in fascination at the little white Ms printed on them. I tossed them down like pills, crunching them happily on their way. When he asked how many I had left and saw my empty hands, he said, "you won." I always win with M&Ms, my dear :)

What else was in there?

XXL 50 oz. bag of wonderful peanut butter M&M's! Nom! 
Tons of pictures of the kids. Pics of Hailey walking! She walks! 
Letters and drawings from the kids! Greatness! Bryce drew my car! Carley wrote me letters! Blake drew a cow, shocker ;)
4 page latter from Bridgie :) 

Couldn't have ended my week any better. I am happy. 

Thanks friends! My new address will be posted on the blog soon for any further mail surprises =)

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