Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I've been negligent with the blog. Apologies. I promise to hit you with a pile of updates in the near future. I've been in Lima for dental problems so I've been a grumpasaurus and not in the best state of mind for blogging. BUUTTT, I did run a half marathon on Sunday and thought the pictures would be a quick and easy post.

I had planned to run this race way before my damn teeth landed me in Lima, but the timing worked out pretty well so that I had a week in Lima to adjust to the weather and get a few good runs in around Miraflores before race day. The weather in Lima has officially declared winter upon the city, so the running conditions are fantastic these days.

I'm planning on writing a full post about the race, but for now please enjoy some classic race shots- always glamorous and never unflattering. Haha.

Case and Point: Don't I look pretty? 
This was at the finish line. 
Not my finest form. Heel striking. Dammit. 
Ready to be done at that point. 

Brian and I both ran the Half. It was his first and he killed it. 
8:40 pace just as he had wanted. 
Awesome job, Brian! 
PS- I look tiny next to him. Piere, who has met Brian only once, calls him "The Giraffe."

Our group minus one. 
Brian and I after the Half.
Kelsi, Mario, and Kate after the 10K. 
Great race everyone! 

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  1. Great pics! It's awesome that you guys had a group. We'll have to get a big Peace Corps group photo for Pacasmayo.