Friday, December 16, 2011


In the past few months I have been rich in package treats. This post is dedicated to showing off my loot and saying thank you to those wonderful people who have brightened many a day with their thoughtfulness, time, and consideration. I love you all! Thanks for the presents! I think I am a very spoiled volunteer... and I love it :) 

Birthday package from Ben, Rachel, Grant, and Cora. This one came on Halloween weekend while I was in Trujillo celebrating with friends, so the giant bag of Halloween candy I got didn't quite make it into the picture. Sharing is caring. This was a really great package. Rachel's captions and little notes crack me up. Clever lady, that one.  I've been needing markers and I am obsessed with Smart Wool socks, so to get them both was fabulous. The best part, though, was a disc of pictures of their family and mostly the kids. What a wonderful treat. I've had pictures of Grant and/ or Cora set as my laptop background since getting that package. 

Grant's T-rex from Peru. His little mind is magnificent. 

I love these little feet! Such a creative idea :)

Birthday box from Lisa! Even though we are heading into summer, I think these bear mittens are delightful. I will find an opportunity to wear them... even if it's just for a puppet show someday ;) Oh, and I got Hello Kitty mustache socks! That's brilliant! The king size candy bars aren't bad either. I used one of them as bargaining power to get some Peruvian music off of my 14 year-old host brother. I probably could have gotten the music without sacrificing my Twix... a move I am still kicking myself for. Sigh. My favorite part about getting this package is that it came in a Pet Meds box. At the post office, my friend was like, "Did you order Pet Meds? Who would send you something in a Pet Meds box?" That box could have only come from one person... and I love that. 

A letter from Carley!!! I love letters! And this one has stamps, stickers, and cool paper! My niece is awesome. 

A Hello Kitty surprise from Joe! Much like the Halloween package, I got this one in the company of friends, so the Power Bar balls, chocolate almonds, gum, etc. didn't make it to the picture. It came with a fun card and a movie, but I didn't get to taking a picture of everything. This little purse was my favorite part. So thoughtful (: Ps- Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture. This was the best shot I could get...

The Medical Department package!!! Even though I thought that I would be long forgotten in the good old Travel Guard medical department by now, I am not. And that. Is. Awesome. Not too long after my birthday, I received a marvelous envelope full of treats and kind words. They even sent a birthday card around the office for me for all to sign. So great to hear from everyone, even if it is just a few words. How great it feels to be thought of and remembered. This one may have earned a glassy eyed grin. The grin lasting for an entire afternoon. Thanks guys! 

A WHOLE bag of Starburst! Thanks Toby :)

Gummies from Eva! I won't lie, I had to wait for almost an hour to get this package out of customs... but as you can see, it was totally worth it. The giant Toblerone was a hit with the host fam... but was awfully hard for me to share ;) Piere loved the gummy bears and was in my room more than usual while those were around. I can't fail to mention the hilarious 5 page letter either. I miss you, Igler. 

A surprise from the Slack family! In response to the blog post about my good friend Amanda, her parents threw in some treats for me in one of her packages. That was SO thoughtful :) Not sure how they knew that I LOVE Hershey's cookies and cream, but I got a giant candy bar. Nom! This came with a bunch of gum and a really cute and heartfelt card. A very nice feel good treat. Thanks for the kindness, Slacks! Hope to meet you when you visit :)  

So... Bridget sent me a really really great package for my birthday. It had M&Ms, peanut butter, kid drawings, birthday cards, a pile of pictures, and a really long thoughtful letter (which means a little more when coming from a mother of four who is busier than most people I know). Unfortunately, the picture I took of it was lost in the camera debacle. What happened is that my camera wasn't working well enough to upload any photos, and I couldn't just put the memory card in my computer... so I was waiting to upload pictures until I got my old camera when Joe came. But then the old camera and the broken one were stolen along with the memory card with all of my pictures on it. Soooo, pictures from as far back as the week leading up to my birthday (making cake with my host fam, chilling with Piere, hikes with the teens, etc.) all the way through the day my camera stopped turning on, were lost forever. Sadly, I can't show off that package. Sorry Bridgie. It was a good one. Lucky for me though, I did find this picture of a little snack made possible by that package... good thing iPhone was handy that day. Better than nothing. And for the record, those three items together make a fabulous snack ;)

And on a more positive note, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGES!!! I love you guys and can't say thank you enough for thinking of me. You're the best and I couldn't do this without your support :) 

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