Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've been wanting to get sick during training, to ready my system for life in el campo, while I still have some amenities and conveniences that I may not have in the future. It happened this week, which I think is a good thing. Tuesday through Friday I had diarrhea and stomach pains which I feel are best described as a feeling of having a baby alien in my belly who was very angry. After 48 hours, lots of animal crackers/ gatorade, and a few nights of very bad sleep*, I started taking antibiotics on Friday morning and was very quickly feeling loads better. Our doctors here are fantastic and everyone here is so kind. Knowing that everyone cared so much made being sick a piece of cake. 

I'm writing about this so that if/ when Mom hears that I was sick she has this as a reference and can see that I am/ was fine and she has nothing to worry about :)

*Note on the 'very bad sleep': There were many night-time trips to el baño that kept me awake this week. None was worse than the 4am jaunt on Thursday morning. The dog, Benji, sleeps just outside my door. I woke him up. Benji woke up the dove. The dove woke the neighbor's rooster. It was all over from there. 

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