Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I do now that I didn't before...

Give and receive directions in relation to Jesus. "Go 2 blocks right from Cristo Blanco..." It's a statue, but has become our local compass. 
Hear the same J-Lo song at least 6 times daily.
Read 501 Spanish Verbs like it's a tabloid. Seriously. I was recently given my 3rd copy of this book and it's already worn more than my high school and college editions combined. 

Wear a headlamp to the bathroom. 

Stare at mountains. 

Watch the Disney channel in excess... and enjoy it. Little secret- Disney Junior has basic vocabulary... meaning I can follow an entire show in Spanish without getting caught up on a random word, then getting lost. I never thought I would enjoy Olivia, Mickey and Friends, Los Hechiceros de Lugar Waverly, and Jake y Los Piratas, but I do. It's a great way to familiarize myself with grammar/ idioms, etc. AND I'm spending time with Arturo. Surprising little win with the Disney channel. Arturo has an awesome laugh and he loves it when Goofy, Mickey, and Donald dance. I should make a video of this sometime. 

Eat copious amounts of avocados. I love every one of them. 

Watch soccer because I want to. Aside from the Olympics, The Winter X-Games, and American football, I usually only watch televised sports if I'm sitting next to Joe. Not anymore ;) Soccer really is the beautiful game. Now if only I could play...

Cross the street as if I were training for an obstacle course. 

Appreciate toilet paper. 

Drink soda. Tastes way better without the corn syrup. Don't tell my dentist...

Mentally prepare myself for showers. There is only one temperature for showers here: frigid. Lately, I've been sneaking into the kitchen after I shower to put my hands over the stove and regain feeling in my fingers. 

Hear little gems like "Killing Me Softly" and Bryan Adams tunes in their Spanish versions. 

See over the bathroom stall doors when standing in a normal position from inside the stall. I'm not a tall person, but in Peru I feel tall. I'm so 'tall' here that my head sometimes pokes over the bathroom stall doors. I'm still amused by this. 

This list reflects month 1 and shall be amended and added to at a later date as my trip progresses...

Cristo Blanco in the back. 

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