Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Wonderful Thing

In the aftermath of the worst sunburn of my life (think spotty peeled off disgusting looking skin) and a week's worth of birthday eating (think late dinners, extra meals for parties, soda, tons of cake, piƱata candy, etc.) plus a lack of water causing no showers for a 3 day stretch (think stinky), I was/ am naturally feeling quite disgusting and unattractive this week. I mean, I've accepted looking like hell for 2 years, but this was a particular low. Then out of nowhere, an unexpected compliment was dropped on me from a lovely little 6 year old friend of Piere's. Usually, I take comments on my appearance with a grain of salt here. I look different and everyone seems to have something to say about it. But this one was so innocent and sweet that I couldn't just brush it off. 
Her name is Rafaela and she has always been my favorite out of Piere's class. As we were playing during Little Man's birthday party, she looked at me closely and then said this, "Your eyes are green! Have you seen a mirror? You are very beautiful." 
Little kids, as mush as they can be demons, can be pretty wonderful. 

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