Thursday, April 26, 2012

Downtime With The Host Family

Just wanted to share some photos from this week. It's been a busy week work-wise, so my favorite times have been the chill moments with the host fam between classes, Earth Day events, and meetings. We made flan Tuesday night and flew Piere's new kite this afternoon while Maggie fried up the guinea pig for lunch. Good stuff... I mean the kite, not the rodents. I don't have time/ inspiration to write anything right now. Plus I think these photos are more entertaining than anything I could babble about. 

Piere with the sticker book Bridgie sent for him. 
He has had it for 5 days and has colored all but about 2 pages. 
Loves it. 

Making flan. 

Piere fought hard to get us to put sprinkles in the flan. He lost. 

Piere learns how to fly a kite! 

Beautiful day in Ascope. 

Our kite strategy. He takes advantage of my 'height' every chance he gets. 
And yeah, those are my clothes hanging across the yard... 

Little Man was determined to show his parents/ grandparents/ brother that he knew how to do it by himself, despite their conflicting instructions. It was so fun watching him figure it out. He even used the cornfield to gauge when the breeze was coming, without anyone telling him to. So smart.  

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