Thursday, April 26, 2012

Successful Site Visit

Pardon the delay in this post....

I had a site visit on Friday the 13th. It wasn't from a boss and I wasn't being evaluated, so the term 'successful' might be a misnomer. But I ended up with a pile of snacks as a result of this visit, so for me, it was a success. 

Onward we go... 

I received a call from one of our Peace Corps Peru doctors that Tuesday night asking if I would be available for a visit on Friday from one of the Peace Corps doctors from DC. I agreed and didn't really put a ton of thought into it, because I was busy coming off of a vacation and setting up meetings, etc. So beyond cleaning the house with my host mom Thursday night and passing her pre-visitor checklist, I really didn't think too much about my visit. And in case you're curious, Maggie's "the gringos are coming" checklist is this-

-Breett, are your feet clean?
-Is your bedspread wrinkly?
-Did you hide your dirty laundry bag full of clothes?
-Is your garbage can empty? 

I passed with flying colors- this time- and before I knew it my visitors were here. Of the visits I've had so far, this one was my favorite. Not just because I got candy, but also because the Peace Corps doctor and his wife were delightful and great to talk to. My host family being awesome and Peruvian, we ate fresh avocados straight off the tree out back and chatted for awhile in the living room. This came after my guests joined me in a meeting I was having at the school district, coincidentally with a couple of English teachers who were really excited to see some nice gringo folks to practice their English with. Win-win. I was glad they were able to see a little part of something I've been working on. 

Oh, and it wasn't until about halfway through the visit when I realized that my guest was not just a doctor but the medical director for Peace Corps. Upon learning this, I cringed at the thought of the rubber purple sandals I was wearing, for lack of having any other heat appropriate shoes at this point... see recent post on being poor and breaking sandals lately. I'm sure he didn't care, but anyone who knows how much I like shoes can understand how this killed a little piece of me. Shoes make a difference. 

Anyway, chatting with him was nice and made me miss the AIG doctors who hold a position similar to his who are just as cool and nice to talk to. Oh Travel Guard, how you always manage to stubbornly stay relevant in my life...

Here are some photos from last Friday that I wanted to share. 

Our guests with my regional coordinator and one of our Peace Corps Peru doctors. Please take note of the Christmas decor in the living room and the giant avocado snack. I love my host family :) 


My host family loves Twix bars. That pack was in my possession for about 2 hours before it's demise ;)
Here's Piere with his lunch desert that day. A nice Friday surprise. 

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