Sunday, April 15, 2012

New To The Blog: Ordinary Things

Confession: I'm in a blog slump. Not a real-life Peace Corps slump (yeah- those happen), but a blog slump. Things aren't as new and fascinating to me anymore. Less frequently, I am inspired to babble on and on about things to you fine folks at home. This is a concept that I love. My life has settled into normal. Well, as normal as the Peace Corps lifestyle can be anyway, which is a whole different topic for a whole different post. But for all practical and contextual purposes, I live a pretty normal, chill, happy life. And that is awesome. It wasn't until recently when I realized that even though things feel normal to me, they are far from what my normal used to be and are probably still pretty new and maybe even fascinating to people at home. 

When my mom told me that a picture of me in a local market was amazing, it got me thinking about how things that are ordinary to me are unusual and potentially interesting to you guys who aren't surrounded by the things that I am. This inspired me to back up a bit and share the little things with you, instead of continuing with my blog the way I have been, by sharing events and getting lost in explaining little details that I have failed to tell you about to begin with. 

With the new volunteer groups, Peru 19 and 20, getting ready to leave for their service this summer, and presumably scanning the Peru volunteer blogs like I did last spring, I figured that now is the best time to start a series of blog posts about the little things in my every day life. Everyone wins, I have something to write about and hopefully you guys will have something worth reading. 

So here you have something new to the blog- a series on ordinary things in my Peruvian life. Hope you like it. 

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