Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Man Gets His Stripes

In Peruvian classrooms, the students who have the best grades and who show themselves to be leaders among their peers are selected to be the brigadeers for their classrooms, which are kind of like peer police- for lack of a better term. Being the brigadeer is an honor for students and they have a few different responsibilities, the most prominent one being the flag bearing/ marching they do during morning formation when the national anthem is sung. Each classroom usually has one or two brigadeer(s) for the school year, and because this school year just begun a month ago, this year's brigadeers have just been selected. Yesterday, Friday April 13th, was the swear-in ceremony for the brigadeers of Piere's school. When I came back from a week-long vacation this week, his first words were, "Breett! Good news! I got two perfect scores last week so they asked me to be the brigadeer! I get my chord on Friday!" So of course I went to watch him get outfitted. I was proud as a peach. Here you have my Friday morning fun :) 

Maggie pinning the chord on. 

Little man and me. Thanks, Annah, for my new shirt! :)

First grade brigadeer. 

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