Friday, June 29, 2012

This Week With Piere

I'd call this post "Piere Quotes of the Week," but this week, it was more of what he did than what he said that is notable. A few things Little Man has been up to...

-He drove a car into the house. A family mistake that -thankfully- caused very little damage. Piercito just hopped into the car to turn the key, crank the wheel, and play. Only, he wasn't aware that the person who had just driven it left it in first gear. The whole scenario screams Steph Tanner to me, so I chalked it up as something that happens when you have curious little kids and cars in first gear in the same place. Poor little guy was scared to death from what I hear. I was at class when it happened, and only heard about it the next day when it had blown over a little. He's still really shy and embarrassed about it, even though he didn't get punished other than a "Tanner Talk," because it was more of the adult's fault for leaving the car in first. Due to the positioning of the car and the way Piere had turned the wheel, he just sort of nicked the corner of the house. He left a small hole in the doorway and smashed a headlight. Everyone was ok and Piere will no longer play in parked cars. Life lessons learned. 

-He rigged his UNO deck to beat me. Instead of doing our ritual 'Paper Rock Scissors' match to decide who deals, tonight he came into my room volunteering to deal, then shouted "I'm CHEATING!!! Muahaha!" Like I'd let that happen. He still beat me twice anyway. 

-He taught me dinosaur names and classes. Then we called my friends to ask what their favorite dinosaurs are. His favorite is the T-Rex, and pretty much anything that resembles a T-Rex. This means that he loves the T-Rex on my door that Grant colored for me. He was intrigued by the idea Grant has that there is a T-Rex in Peru. "Breett, will you tell your nephew that the T-Rex's don't live here anymore? He should know that there aren't any dinosaurios here." 

-He remembered my friend Katie, randomly, because she and him share a birthday. They've met on Skype and chatted so that she can practice her Spanish. We were discussing birthdays, because he is already making plans for his (and mine because they are 6 days apart), "Breett, our birthdays are only THREE (in English) months away! That means that your friend's birthday is in three months too! What's her name again? She's really nice." I was so impressed/ touched that he remembered her. 

-He acquired a foosball table from his cousin. This is big for him. 

-He did P90X with me. It started with him poking his head in my room during the yoga part of the cardio one saying, "Breett, you look like a doggy!" Which is awesome, because I was in downward dog. It continued with him imitating my every move. The Kenpo kicks were really funny, but the cool-down stretches were better. All the while through he kept reminding me how easy it was. "Facilito, Breett!"

-He told Farid that if he doesn't study, he'll get kicked out of school and then have to raise goats for a living. No one knows where he comes up with this stuff.  

I love being around for his adventures through childhood. Don't know what I'd do without that kid sometimes. He reminds me of all of my nephews rolled into one. He has that little boy bravery and strong personality like Blake; Brycee's charm and positive attitude; and Grant's wit and curiosity for life. I miss the boys dearly, but I'm happy to have Piercito. 

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