Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basics on My New Life

I live with the following people-
Maggie- Host mom. 42. Awesome.
Henry- Host dad. Farmer. Drives a moto taxi. Quiet, also awesome.
Farid- Host bro #1. Age 14. He is real nice about sharing his computer with me until I get my internet figured out.
Piere- Host bro #2. My favorite Peruvian so far. Age 5 (until Oct. 2nd... birthday buddies!) My number 1 English student. We're pals.

The following people live 'with me', but in a different house, across the yard in the same gated in area.
Grandma Betty
Grandpa Hernando (I think that's his name... they just call him the old guy... I should probably figure this out)
Aunt Julie
Gringo, Donna, and Aaron- Pitbulls who live in the company of rabbits, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, etc.
So, for the first three months of my service, I am working on my community diagnostic and getting to know the area and the people here. Basically this means that I spend my time right now networking and weaseling my way into as many community events as I can so that I can meet people and figure out what is what in these parts. This is fun and so far I have had success in getting to know people. I think I owe a lot to the volunteer who preceded me. People understand my purpose here and are willing to talk to me because they are familiar with Peace Corps due to the last volunteer.
The entries that follow are snippets from a daily journal sort of thing that I have been keeping. I currently don't have my own internet and have been borrowing my host brother's computer. This is why I have had heavy facebook activity, but no blog posts. It's possible to check email/ facebook, but spending time on blog posts or uploading pictures hasn't been feasible yet. I'm using my flash drive to put all of this on the blog right now, so that's why you're getting a massive update all at once. Sorry about that. Also, because the following posts are snippets, let me know if I left out any key details.
 Sidenote- Pictures are taking years to upload, so I will add them later. Sorry again.

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