Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 16

Day 16
Sep. 6, 2011
>8am- Ran 4 miles. Getting used to the sun here little by little.
>9am- Another delicious pb/ banana breakfast. Shower. No more bucket baths; water tank is up and running for real. Breakfast was good because I talked to my host dad and grandpa about what they have been doing this week- corn cutting. There are no combines here, there are machetes. They cut and husk the corn in the field, then leave it there to dry. Explaining combines to them was a larger endeavor than I expected. Grandpa asked me to find out how much corn (in weight) Marty and Bill produce per hectare. This will be some fun homework for me...
> Meeting with Carlos. Productive in the fact that I walked away with lists of the Club de Madres names, presidents, and addresses; authorities in Ascope; authorities in La Libertad; alcaldes of the districts of Ascope; and a map of Ascope with the 8 districts shown. these will be great for the community diagnostic I am working on. He also gave me a giant book of results from the 1993 census, but along with it he gave me a website to check out for more recent stats on Ascope. Good meeting. He is working on an awesome project with a wheelchair donation from a Christian organization that I would love to help with, but it doesn't seem like he needs help at the moment. If all goes through, 68 people throughout the province of Ascope will receive free wheelchairs. That is amazing. So much red tape and paper work to get through first though. Boo. He mentioned the town wants a library. Oh boy...
> Stopped by the school to ask if I can attend the workshop this afternoon that I learned about at Friday's municipal meeting. It was a workshop for parents of the 1st grade of secundaria regarding self-esteem and communication. I was introduced to the coordinator of tutorias. We talked for about an hour explaining tutorias and the involvement of the psychologist that the PTA like group has hired. This was great. She wants me to help with the workshops on self-esteem and all of that good stuff. Awesome! I was invited to the workshop in the afternoon to observe so that I can help with these in the future. Today's meeting was the first in a series of workshops with parents given by the psychologist. The same material will be presented at all meetings, and each meeting is for parents of different classes/ sections. I was pretty impressed by the session itself. The psychologist did an awesome job on the presentation and this was very interesting and a good way for me to network. I met some parents and they were really enthusiastic about me being here. After the meeting, I met a teacher of personal, family, and human relations. He wants to work with me too. Great! I'm getting busy! Tomorrow will be like Monday in that I will need to do a lot of planning and will be behind my laptop for most of the day. Not a bad place to be. I don't mind.
>In the evening I chilled with the fam. One of the 4 puppies has gone missing which has Piere and I a little worried. We hope the rest of them stay put. There are rumors of other puppies in the neighborhood going missing. I blame the fox in the field that keeps eating animals. At dinner time I scored an invitation to the field for tomorrow morning! Chacra time is 6am! I get to use a machete!!! Awesomenesssssss!!!!!

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